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You have ads. We have eyeballs.

Dowoodle gets people out of the house and into the world in a way that is fun, social and engaging.

We don’t do banner ads, or pop-ups, or anything that can be ignored or dismissed, or that our users will find intrusive or annoying. Ads are the connective tissue that pulls any given Dowoodle together, and it’s all done in a way that is both tasteful and fun, and when’s the last time anyone said that about advertising?

We’ve gamified watching an ad!

We’ve baked ads into the very fabric of Dowoodle, making the viewing of a picture or short video essential to progression through the Dowoodle. And not just watching it; participants are actively engaged, paying close attention to the ad in order to answer a question that unlocks the next experience.

Nobody likes ads until they do.

In addition to the short video ads that serve as gatekeepers within Dowoodles, companies have the option of creating their own themed Dowoodles, built around a particular brand. It’s a chance to show people exactly what your brand represents, rather than just telling them. And that really is priceless!

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