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You think you can do our jobs better than we can?

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No software engineering degree required. It’s as easy as losing the lottery! And we haven’t even told you the best part. If you’re going to do our job, you can have our paycheck, too. That sounded like a joke, but it’s true! It’s easy to create a fun Dowoodle, and when you do, you’ll get a cut of all the money that your Dowoodle earns, forever, so the more awesome you make your Dowoodle, the more money you’ll earn!

Dowoodle’s Law:

Money is Good

You don’t have to be an Economics major to know that making money = good and not making money = less good. You might not be able to quit your day job, but a little extra pocket money always comes in handy.

Let’s put it another way. The advertisers we work with are paying us so that they can be part of the experiences we provide to our users. If you’re the one providing the experience, shouldn’t you get that sweet cash? We think so too. It’s an innovative and groundbreaking revenue sharing model, and we think you’ll like it, because our studies consistently demonstrate that people like money.

In truth

You are a hero

You are the most Generous Person Alive

So you’ve made a Dowoodle, and people love it. You’re basically a hero. Want to be a real hero? Find out about our charitable partnerships and get generous.

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